About us

The mission of the Family Office is to invest the money of Pavel Bouška and Petr Kříž and their families into interesting companies in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. Fermia unites one of the most successful and richest Czech entrepreneurs and an investment expert who during his career has helped to both sell and purchase hundreds of companies in several countries of Europe and Asia.

Our advantage is experience with running our own production companies and a solid background for investments into SME.

We can:

  • Assess various investment opportunities
  • Provide background of a financially strong owner in connection with transaction specialists
  • Help
    • Develop and support own brand
    • Sell fast moving goods worldwide
    • Manage operations at various sites
    • Build a factory from scratch
  • Understand and further develop business strategy

Our goal is not only to purchase prosperous companies but mainly to enter partnerships with original owners who don't want to participate in the day-to-day operations of their companies, who would like to completely or partially sell their companies but who, on the other hand, would still like to stay active in the company to manage them on a strategic level while helping us with their advice and contacts in the future.

We are also looking for management teams who would like to take over control and ownership of the company they work for (so called Management Buy-Out or MBO). We would be more than happy to support such team with necessary funds to acquire the particular company.

We do not want to buy companies to sell them later on. We want to help develop companies, invest our available funds into them and hence grow the value of assets for investors.