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About us

The mission of the Family Office is to invest the money of Pavel Bouška and Petr Kříž and their families into interesting companies in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. Fermia unites one of the most successful and richest Czech entrepreneurs and an investment expert who during his career has helped to both sell and purchase hundreds of companies in several countries of Europe and Asia.

Our goal?

Our goal is not only to purchase prosperous companies but mainly to enter in partnership with original owners who does not want to participate in the routine operation of their companies, would like to sell completely or partially their companies but who would like to stay active and manage them on strategic level and to help with their advice and contacts also in the future.

We also look for management teams that would like to take over the management and ownership of the company for which they work (so called Management Buyout, MBO). We will be more than happy to support the team with money to acquire the particular company. We do not want to buy companies to sell them again, but we want to develop the companies, invest in them available money and hence appreciate the investors’ assets.


Opening of the new Ski a Bike Centrum Radotín store

<p class="MsoNormal">A new Ski a Bike Centrum store has been opened earlier this month in the area where Vindys factory used to operate. Opening of this largest one-of-a-kind store for skis and bikes in the Czech Republic store has...

Investment into veterinary clinics in Slovakia

<p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify;">At the beginning of this year, we have invested into a chain of 4 veterinary clincs in Slovakia &ndash; PrimaVet, LionVet, SpektraVet and the newly founded Dr.Vet....

Our team

Pavel Bouška

Pavel Bouška

founding partner

<p>Pavel has been working in the family company VAFO, which was founded by his father Franti&scaron;ek, since turning 22. At that time, he had already become a successful entrepreneur organising music and cultural events; for example, he participated in organisation of concerts with Michal Jackson or Rolling Stones. When Pavel took over t…
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Petr Kříž

Petr Kříž

managing partner

<p>In 2002, Petr joined the international company Ernst &amp; Young and since 2007 he has been specialising only in acquisitions and divestitures of companies. During that period, he first met Pavel Bou&scaron;ka whom he helped with purchases of several companies. Starting 2014, he was responsible for leading the Prague's M&amp;A …
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