Smart dog collar and bowls

At the beginning of August 2017, we provided a financial support to Robert Hašek and Jana Rosenfelderová who together have developed smart dog collars and bowls that can assist you with learning everything about your dog: the total amount of food eaten and water drunk, how much the dog jumped, ran, was retrieving objects, scratched itself or for how long it was resting. All vets can confirm that this is not only about fun but it is a device that will show changes in behaviour that can indicate potential health problems.

In September, Robert and Jana demonstrated the prototype that will be now tested by 20 employees of VAFO on their dogs of all breeds and sizes. The same prototype attracted interest at the TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, so the first users will be professional dog walkers in the USA this year. First 1,000 devices will be available on the market in March 2018.